Australian Manuka Honey


Australian Medi Manuka is a potent Bio-Active Australian Manuka Honey.

Australian Medi Manuka Honey is cold-extracted, minimally processed and every batch is rigorously tested by independent laboratories and rated for its NPA, MGO, and TA levels.

The product is packaged RAW in order to preserve the natural health benefits of this special honey.

* Medi Active Australian Manuka Honey, available in 250g, 500g or 1KG.

* Activity levels are tested by independent Laboratories, and rated using both the NPA (Non-Peroxide Activity) activity scale & MGO content is also rated and guaranteed.

* MGO30+ has methylglyoxal levels of > 30 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is a delicious blend of Manuka and other coastal honeys.

* MGO100+ “NPA5+” has methylglyoxal levels of > 100 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is equivalent to “UMF 5+” or “ULF 5+” ratings.

* MGO200+ “NPA8+” has methylglyoxal levels of > 200 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is equivalent to “UMF 8+” or “ULF 8+” ratings.

* MGO263+ “NPA10+” has methylglyoxal levels of > 263 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is equivalent to “UMF 10+” or “ULF 10+” ratings.

* MGO514+ “NPA15+” has methylglyoxal levels of > 514 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is equivalent to “UMF 15+” or “ULF 15+” ratings.

* All Medi Active Australian Manuka Honey is cold extracted and bottled RAW to preserve the natural health benefits it provides.

* The primary active constituents are from Leptospermum polygalifolium, Liversidgeii, and junipernium sub-genus of the Leptospermum plants.

* BIO-ACTIVE MANUKA HONEY is produced by bees foraging sustainably on Pristine Coastal Heath, collecting nectar and pollen from Native Australian Leptospermum plant species.

* Bio-Active Honey may be stored at room temperature, and will naturally candy over time.

* Methylglyoxal (MGO) – The most significant marker in Manuka Honey, MGO indicates the potency.


Our grading system used is one of the most common, MGO (or methylglyoxal). MGO is a globally recognised measure of antibacterial activity. Another system you might see referred to on jars of honey is “UMF”, a scheme created in New Zealand.


Australian Food Services use the proven MGO measurement methodology to grade our range of 100% Australian Manuka Honey and we verify the actual MGO levels for each batch through independent testing at the University of the Sunshine Coast by Dr Peter Brooks, a senior lecturer of Biological Chemistry and a Director of the Australian Manuka Honey Association.

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